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Rally Weekend Plans

Welcome to the NEW Gatorball Rally! Never 55 Productions in proud to create amazing car adventures around the country. This year is going to be special. We have moved the Cactusball Rally EAST for 2022 to create this all-new event. We hope you'll join us!



Wednesday, January 26th:

The Gatorball Rally team arrives in Orlando, FL that afternoon to pick-up our cars. Then, we'll cruise up to Savannah, GA for a few nights!

Thursday, January 27th:

Savannah is one of the COOLEST cities in America. On Thursday, we'll explore the city and take it all in with a trip out to Tybee Island and/or Hilton Head. That evening, we'll partake in a guided HAUNTED pub crawl!

Friday, January 28th:

Day 1 will take us out of Savannah and head down into Florida. We'll be ending the day in DAYTONA. The speedway will play host to the Rolex 24 race...and we are going! We'll also visit Cape Canaveral, along with a few other exciting spots too!

Saturday, January 29th:

Day 2 will begin in Daytona and take us south to SEBRING INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY! We are scheduled to do a few parade laps on this legendary track, and WE CAN'T WAIT!! After Sebring, we'll cruise over to Daytona for the start of the ROLEX 24!

Sunday, January 30th:

Day 3 We'll finish watching the Rolex 24 hour race, and take in all that Daytona has to offer with a cruise down the coast.

Monday, January 31st:

Travel day home.

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